About Author

I'm a living dichotomy and a walking contradiction.  I employ my own logic, humor and often do what I want. Writing is my passion, a compulsion and exploration of self and humanity. I've studied numerous styles of writing, eras of history and social justice. I graduated with honors with a degree in English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing and a minor in Criminology from the University of Washington. My educational pursuits included rigorous research of historical eras, critique, analysis and creative writing styles. My background in criminology provides a unique advantage and has aided me in creating believable psychological states for my characters. I believe understanding human nature is vital to convincing an audience. My mentor Allison is a talented poet and teacher in Portland, Oregon. Her words, advice and guidance positively echo in my head. "A rose is a rose, unless you make it something different, but make it believable."

More Stuff
I'm an indie author because I'm too ambitious to wait for someone else to make my dreams come true and too lazy to write a hundred query letters.  I rather spend my time writing stories.  Once a rebel, always a rebel. I think I'll stick with that because it suits my character.

My given name is not Charlie Courtland.  Though it would have been if I had any say in the matter. That is my pen name.  However, Charlie is very real and part of me.  That damn bitch just won't get out of my head!

I'm the founder of Bitsy Bling Books.  Champion of indie authors and a force to be reckoned with.

The bizarre, strange, and interesting.  I'm a history buff that enjoys crime mysteries and studying the classics. I love old, artistic architecture and find gardening therapeutic, which is weird because I hate getting my hands dirty. I am also fascinated by the paranormal -- who doesn't love a great ghost story?

Favorite Movies
American Beauty, Natural Born Killers, Fight Club, Dan In Real Life and The Virgin Suicides.

Favorite Music
It depends on my mood, which is forever changing.  I'm an indie music girl at heart and adore a good alternative music fest.

Favorite Books
The Crimson Petal In The White, Tropic of Cancer, Haunted and Jane Eyre.

Favorite Things
Coffee, chocolate, books and I have a thing for classic, muscle and sports cars.  I like shiny things.

Contact Information:
Bitsy Bling Books
Twitter:  @bitsyblingbooks
Facebook Fan Page:  Charlie Courtland