Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Secret Of A Spicy Jalapeno

Currently, I am busy at work on my latest project, The Secret Of A Spicy Jalapeno, which is set just outside the small town of Forest Grove in Oregon.  It is a dark tale about organic farming, prison overcrowding and the social expectation between knowing and doing what is right from wrong.  The story incorporates modern concerns such as recycling and organic farming, crime and overpopulation with the old tradition of rural life and even older tradition of the struggle between good and evil.  
Here is a preview...

"...Given my habit of categorizing, I thought it fitting to line the next crop with abusers, alcoholics and addicts, a gluttonous lot set on polluting every bit of fat and skin with toxic waste that oozed from the pores and bubbled stench so pungent that it made me gag just thinking about it (Joe Parker)."
"...There, in colored print persevered for eternity stood a group of adults and children, all watching the scientist, some with interest and others, faces twisted in horror as what I think was a cockatoo suffocated in a vacuum, a glass menagerie with some contraption secured to the top of the dome."  Joe Parker's thoughts on a painting by Joseph Wright. 


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