Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Journey Continues

The Hidden Will Of The Dragon
Excerpts from the sequel to Dandelions In The Garden
Chapters 4-6

The Detour

Most people believed that San Marco was where the city’s pulse began, but I disagreed.  For me, the mystery of Venice hid in a deeper, seedier place where raw passion fed the people who claimed it as home.  I thought to myself, this is what Raphael should paint.  He should sketch the hanging lines of laundry and debris littering the ground.  He should bring to life the cracks in the cobblestone and the apple rotting on a weathered crate.  It was from this very alley that Venice breathed, and it was from here that Elizabeth’s path took a fateful turn.

The Mastery Of Artful Play
Elizabeth was flaming with enthusiasm at the young gentleman’s winning streak.  She waved at a tab holder authorizing another draw from her account.  She nodded to the dealer to place the gentleman’s bet explaining if he lost the hand, she’d cover the debt.  Three gentlemen dropped out leaving Elizabeth’s beau and an Englishman to battle for the pot.  She was on edge and could taste the winnings.  They were so close to taking it all!  She playfully winked at the Englishman who was twiddling with the ratty fray of his mustache.  Distractingly, she touched her gloved finger to her bare chest.  The Englishman tried to ignore the flirtation but the mannerism was obviously breaking his concentration.  She wet her lips as she slowly moved her finger in tiny circles over her skin just above the neckline of her bodice.

Fruit From The Tree
I did the unthinkable!  I failed my duty as a confidante – I committed a terrible act of treachery, a practice that was becoming altogether too easy for me.
“Where is she now?” he asked.
I had my hand over my mouth trying to prevent anything else from spilling out. 
“You must tell me, Amara.  Francis is on his way to Venice to see his wife.”
I refused to say another word.
“Very well, if you won’t tell me then you must go on your own to warn her.”


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