Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Charlie Sayin'?

Interviews With Author Charlie Courtland

I reveal all kinds of interesting facts.  I answer questions about writing, blogging, researching and publishing.  Of course, I do it all with an edge of humor.  A person should never take themselves too seriously, especially a writer.

R.A. Evan Writes - Guest author Charlie Courtland
Article:  Write What You Know by Charlie Courtland

The World of Books: Guest author Charlie Courtland
by Babs at The World of Books

Kindle Author:  Charlie Courtland
by David Wisehart

Our First Victim
The Tale's the Thing
by Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick

A Word Please!
Quiet Fury Books
by Darcia Helle

All The Days Of
Author Interview with Charlie Courtland

All The Days Of
Blogger Interview with Bitsy Bling Books


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